For an end user

  • Eduroam use open standards to enable cross platform uniform access. Therefore eduroam works on Windows, Linux or MAC OS.
  • You can connect to the Wi-Fi SSID named eduroam. You may use the Wi-Fi access username and password given to you by your institution with the respecting domain. (e.g. username@domain)
  • Most secure encryption and authentication standards are used in eduroam. Hence security of eduroam significantly exceeds most public hotspots.
  • Visited institute may have different Internet access limits than your home institute and as a guest you may have access to fewer services on the Internet than you have at home.

For an Institute

  • Configure a radius server (realm based) Local domain users should be authenticated locally authentication of remote users should be transferred to LEARN FLR. (
  • Integrate your radius sever with your existing identity management system so that you could make the system SSO. (Single Sign On)
  • Configure your wireless controllers to have a SSID "eduroam" with 802.1x WPA2 enterprise authentication (EAP) through your radius server. (You may now check whether local users could authenticate)
  • Add as a client and then share the secrets with LEARN.
  • Let us know your radius server fully qualified domain name with the secrete to be added to the LEARN FLR.